Example Chapter 1 Thesis

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Automated Sales and Inventory System
For Joica Trading Hardware and Construction Supply

Department of Information Technology and Management
College of Sciences

In Partial fulfillment of the Requirement in
System Analysis and Design

Presented to:
Prof. Dimaano
Prof. Doctor
2nd Semester, S.Y. 2012-2013

Chapter I
Background of the Company 1
Organizational Chart 2
Locate of the Study 3
Overview of the system 4
Data flow Diagram of the existing system 5
Used Cased Diagram 6
Ishikawa Diagram 7
Data flow of the recommended diagram 8

Chapter II
Feasibility Study
Operational Feasibility 9
Technical Feasibility 10
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User Overview of the Existing System

They are using logbooks or any paper material which they can write their transaction records. After one week, they are reviewing all of the records and tally the most demand product and transfer it in a new logbook which used for final record data.

User 1: Owner/ Sub-Owner
The owner/ sub-owner acts a manager of the business they are responsible all the transaction. They are taking the customer wants, recording the data, make inventory and managing the staff and the whole business.

User 2: Staff
The staff is responsible for handling the customer’s cash and solved products are tallied and while it is in the log book. With no real inventory system they are also double checking if what the solved products are.

Ishikawa Diagram

Use Case Diagram

The customer will request to buy an item or product to the staff. The staff will check the item and if it is available, the staff will process it into payment then give the customer the requesting product.


Operational Feasibility

The records of the hardware store are stored in a logbook and updating it every day because of their everyday transaction. The data are arranged manually by the use of logbooks to record every single transaction of the customers. The hardware store has problems in retrieving, editing, updating, and deleting records because of its manual approach. Also in recovering files and transactions, they have so much difficulty by
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