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Our Capstone thesis end goal is focused on addressing social challenges related to childhood development and obesity through the repurposing and activation of infrastructure. The readily accessible spaces to the community and the policies that shape them have a significant impact on how much physical activity we get into daily life, in the same manner that the lack of physical activity is a major contributor to high obesity rates. Impacto will analyse Hunt’s Point urban and social environment conditions and systems, looking into reinventing activity-friendly spaces and structures: parks, playgrounds, streets, buildings, and communities that encourage physical activity and neighbourhoods where people feel safe. Safety along the route, whether from traffic or strangers, is a key factor in whether children walk or bicycle to places (Carver,Timperio, Crawford, 2008). The study and implementation of active living parameters, healthy community design, safe routes and built environment will be crucial to achieve the project goal of making physical activity a regular part of low-income children daily lives.…show more content…
Access to parks and other safe places to play, for example, is associated with more frequent outdoor play (Davison and Lawson, 2006). However, children are less likely to engage in recreational physical activity if parks or playgrounds are unavailable, in disrepair, or are not accessible by safe routes (Grow et al., 2008). Our Capstone thesis will consider innovative, appealing concepts that permit a range of fitness activities and adopt community strategies that improve
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