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Nancy Pearcey, American evangelical author, said, “Having a Christian Worldview means being utterly convinced that biblical principles are not only true but also work better in the grit and grime of the real world.” Everyone has a world view whether they are religious or not. A standard Worldview is how people see the world and how humans pertain to it. A Worldview is not only a way people view the world but it can change the world through cultures, countries, and civilizations similarly to how they shape individuals. A Christian Worldview is a view from a religious standpoint and seeing that the world is a sinful place and it is important to try and change that through Gods help. There are children in this world with environments that can damage their belief in Jesus. As having a Christian Worldview, myself I see this and know that there must be something done about it. A Christian Worldview is one’s view on the world in Gods sight on how it should be. This is basically a different means of how a Christian might view the world compared to a non-Christian. Some may see a sinful world but may not think…show more content…
There are children that are raised in dangerous environments that effect how they are as people and more importantly them as a Christian. These dangerous environments act as the tidal wave in society that is trying to corrupt the lives of children. Then there are places like Shiloh and Pinehaven that provide a well disciplined and safe environment that are meant to raise children to be responsible adults and followers of Jesus. These places act as the reverse tidal wave that goes against the fact that there are children that are far away from God. It is described that a reverse tidal wave is when God is breaking through to correct this evil world through followers of Christ. The faculty and house parents shows this by presenting Gods love through them and outward towards the

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