Example Of A Criminal Case Study

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Chapter 10 is called escape is a short little six page chapter, and starts with Katie talking about Mark and updates in the case. One interesting update was them finding out Mark had pursued other girls---and boys----- and he had even slept with some of them. He also had pornography of a young girl involved in intercourse in his home. She then goes on a rant about pornography and ends it with, "If your twenty-five or married and you really need it (pornography), theres's something wrong. And if you really need pictures of little kids, then you are definitely sick." Soon after this court actually started. Katie even listened to a tape recording of the arraignment. Katie said Mark sounded like he believed he was innocent. Mark would originally start by claiming that he was innocent, and during this time Katie began to start calling him Francis. It was her sophomore year when she started private school. Her name wasn't known there and…show more content…
Katie just wanted the trail to be over with and Frank signed the plea agreement on December 29, 1997. The date set for Frank's guilt plea was March 13, 1998. On March 13, Katie woke up and went for a run, she went home showered and then her and David left for the courthouse. This was the first time Katie had see Frank since Texas. After Frank plead guilty, the "gavel cam down with a sharp crack and we were all free to leave." Katie was told congratulations and she was asked to talk to the press and Frank, but she declined both offers. In the car ride home David asked Katie, "Feeling guilty about screwing up a man's life?" Katie didn't have a response to that but the fact that she felt David shouldn't have said that to her. The chapter ends by Katie talking about how she would have a chance to speak at the sentence hearing and how her statement would be the first time she would talk to Frank in more than two
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