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Diagnostic Essay
Video games are available to all age groups. With different types of style games, to reality and fantasy, from strategy to hit and run tactics, that could improve imagination, influence new ideas and most of all provide entertainment to players. Do you allow your children to play games with violences? Do you believe it can change your childś decisions? Even if it was just video games with little violences, it can cause aggressive behaviors, bullying and unhealthy life styles. A problem with violence games is the competition it provides for players, For example when playing online, you are allowed to use a mic which can cause people to dialogue with others. Once dialoguing, it either affects one player or another. Many
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A report from Pediatrics International says, “Along with increased gaming can come sleep deprivation, especially among young people. Rather than reducing the amount of time spent playing, gamers often opt to lose sleep instead.” This report is proving from events called “Double XP”, which is provided in most online multiplayer games, every three months at most. The people who play Call of Duty, Smite, Gears of war, Halo, which are all violence games, may experience the need to drive to take their sleep away, just to gain an extra level. Xbox also has a special tool, as many Beta for games do, to show the amount of time playing, the amount of certain modes and weapons used, etc. The Double XP events continued from friday morning to monday morning. Which can also cause the lack of interest in learning for the next day of school. It takes students minds off task of homework and chores. Attending these events, students miss school monthly, and miss quality time with family. The amount of time sleeping decreases the aggressive behavior. The importances of sleeping is to let your body function properly, re energize and staying
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