Example Of A Fallacy Research Paper

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marshmallows, so he must be a jerk too.” This is fallacious because eating marshmallows is not what makes A a jerk, so it would be wrong to assume B is a jerk just because he likes them.
Circular Reasoning/Beg the Question Begging the question is when one supports a claim by using its premise or another claim as proof. An example would be, “Tabbies are cats because it is stylish like a cat.” This is incorrect because it uses the claim that cats are stylish as proof that tabbies are cats. The fallacy would be fixed by supporting the claim that is being used as proof. A closely related fallacy would be the circular reasoning fallacy. An example of that would be, “Tabbies are cats because it is a felis catus. Note that felis catus is the scientific name for a cat, so it basically translates to “Tabbies are cats because tabbies are cats.” To fix this, use proof that does not repeat the claim.
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The Science Dictionary defines it as “The study of the measurement, relationships, and properties of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols.” While logic does not use numbers, it does use symbols as shown above and the variables P and Q. Logic also uses formulas such as the modus ponens, which has the form of p→q, p, ∴ q. Statements also have relationship, mentioned above, with each statement having unique
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