Example Of A Narrative Essay For College

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I met my brother and sister from across a classroom desk in the basement of Saint Anthony’s Medical Center. I was walking into my first Alateen meeting with my biological sister, Alex, with a blank stare and a mind overflowing with thoughts of why and how I had gotten there. Alex and I sat down next to a boy, who was about sixteen years old with tan skin and brown hair, and a girl, who was about twelve years old and looked just like him. Fast forward three years and I found myself moving the boxes of these two into a new house. Everyday I am rendered by the mere thought that if I hadn’t gone to those meetings, if my mother hadn't gone to those meetings, I would have lost another father. I did not lose my biological father in a physical aspect, rather I lost him in a physiological way. My father spent most of his time in his chair, in the basement, with a handle of vodka running through his bloodstream. Even though the memories of my father actually acting like a true father were gone, I was left with an even stronger mother. Strength is the only word that can perfectly describe my mother, and being that I did not grow up with a stable father, strength is what I know. Through her strength in character she has taught me to work even harder when eyes are …show more content…

I am very confident in what I have to offer to Bradley University and I am more than fairly certain that my future will very much impact the future of our world. My success is just around the corner, and I want Bradley University to a part of it. By living out the strengths that my mother has taught me in my life, I know that I will not stop until I personally build the strength that I can pass down to my children. I know that no matter where I attend college I will be listed on the notable alumni list but I want my journey to success to begin and grow at Bradley

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