Example Of A Paralegal Research Paper

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More often than ever before, lawyers are choosing to practice law in small law firms or as solo practitioners. At some point, many of these small firm lawyers will also conclude that hiring a paralegal makes sense for the success of their law practices (Scott). As more and more attorneys seek the assistance of qualified legal assistants, the demand for paralegals to work in small firms is on the rise. Attorneys at small firms will be able to provide the mentorship that a new paralegal will need to begin their career and build their hands on knowledge and skills. Moreover, one would think that an attorney in a solo practice or small firm would be able to dedicate more time in grooming their paralegal to be ready for any possible scenario.…show more content…
Although I still have more schooling ahead, I will still need to make the decision on whether to choose a small or large firm. Writing about, and researching this topic has allowed me to become more informed about the benefits and negative aspects of each type of firm. Also, the thought of working for a large firm doesn’t seem out of the question anymore. However, I still have the negative experience from my past involvement in a large firm that hangs around in my mine. As I continue in my research, I will keep an open mind and gather all the facts and information before making a final
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