Example Of A Personal Narrative Essay On Identity

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I have encountered many of my peers taking drugs, listened to songs about drugs and even seen drugs romanticized on social media. Like most teenagers, I lived in a world surrounded by drugs, but I had never had an experience with them. I came from a “picture-perfect” family and prior to my freshman year of high school, I was somewhat narcissistic, believing that I was too good to even be associated with drugs. It was August 2012, the summer before my freshman year of high school, and my life seemed as sound as ever. I was excited to begin the next step in my life and looked forward to starting school. As the weeks passed and I was returning to my normal academic routine, my parents began acting strangely uneasy. I knew there was something wrong. I questioned my parents’ behavior and at first received few valuable answers in return.…show more content…
Through his struggle, I gained much-needed compassion and understanding. Prior to this transition, I was unsympathetic and insensitive to others and their struggles. I am now able to place myself in the position of others to understand their circumstances. I no longer judge others based solely on my initial thoughts. I used to fear the discovery of my brother’s problem would distort others’ perceptions of me, now; I am no longer restrained by what is regarded of me. Today, I am thankful for the circumstances I went through and proud of the person it shaped me to be. Through my brother’s disease, I discovered a sense of independence in myself. I am now self-reliant and no longer seek help in situations that I am capable of controlling. My character has evolved tremendously and I have gained important qualities such as compassion and sympathy. My brother has now been sober for over two years and as I prepare to take the next step in my life and venture to college, I am grateful for the events I underwent as they aided my transition from childhood to
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