Example Of A Quasi-Experimental Review

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A quasi-experimental study was conducted on a group of 140 oncology patients above the age of 18 years, receiving chemotherapy either as outpatients or inpatients in hematology oncology units at Karadeniz Technical University Farabi Medical Facility (Shahin, & Erguney, 2015). The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a planned symptom management education on patient receiving chemotherapy in alleviating the side-effects of antineoplastic agents and enhancing their QOL. An individualized educational program was created for the participants in the experimental group after reviewing their medical records, personal data, and meeting their family members by an expert team. The educational sessions were provided to the…show more content…
The interventions consisted of verbal and written patient education, presence of a nurse during chemotherapy followed by a telephone follow-up with the patient or immediate family members. The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Breast (FACT-B version 4) was used to measure the four domains of quality of life, such as physical, emotional social, and functional well-being. This tool was pilot tested for validity and reliability. A statistically significant improvement was observed in the mean scores of QOL in the intervention group compared to the control group. The average score improved from 83.24 to 91.64 in the intervention group, while it stayed the same in the control group (83.72 and 80.40). Although the sample size was small and the evidence level was Level III, the effectiveness of the intervention was significantly high. Hence, it can be assumed that the intervention will be more effective with a larger population. This study is relevant for this EBP project as it was proved that intervention is feasible for patients and their caregivers and it can easily be transformed into practice in a hospital infusion center.
Saritas, and Buyukhbayram (2016) conducted a descriptive and correlational study on a group of 250 chemotherapy patients above the age of 18 years and their caregivers in Dicle University oncology hospital over a period of 13 months. The aim of the study was to examine the level of anxiety of patients receiving chemotherapy and
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