Example Of A Shaman Research Paper

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We learned through many years of practice or through practices of firing someone of the simplest illness to a very severe illness through many different types of practice. We see how the science of medicine to the works of tribes and cultures utilize their own resources made available to them and using their resources in order to cure someone of an illness. We see how shamans heal, they often heal by working with a spirit or a soul, using mother nature such as rocks, trees, and the nutrients the earth has provided along with the knowledge and information that is passed down from generation to generation by their ancestors. We see how often shamans must communicate with the spirit that will help them in order to proceed with a cure for the ill-person. The effectiveness of a shaman is generally measured by the results he or she is able to achieve. The actual techniques and methods of the shaman are so unique that there is no way to see if the shaman and their technique actually works if you can not honestly put faith in the shaman. Using tools other than the nature such as drums, rattles, and singing. It is believed that if you do not believe in the system of healing then the process will not work for the individual whose pride and trust is not complete for the…show more content…
When a taboo in a tribe is broken by a member then the belief of that they are cursed and face the consequences soon is strongly believed because the individual often is overcome by a state of panic and insecurity and certain of death is near coming. From, “the critical factor is the person’s knowledge of the magic spell and their certainty that death will soon follow for anyone who breaks the taboo, however innocently”, stating that the cause of this taboo being broken is not intentional but still broken, the individual must face the
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