Example Of Adultism Research Paper

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One of the very first forms of oppression that we face is adultism. Adults consistently criticizes the youth’s misbehavior, condemn their actions and complain about them. When forming and maintaining healthy relationships, it’s important not to deconstructively criticises , hold grudges, condemn and complain about how there’s no way to help. Dale Carnegie once said, “ Any fool can criticise, condemn, and complain- it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.” It’s a common belief that the youth have no morals, disrespect their parents, have sex constantly, and fight and that adults are all knowing and have to mentor the youth in order for them to lead successful lives. This philosophy is untrue and harms society more than it helps The concept of adultism or the practice of it rather, isn’t relatively new. In 350 BC, Aristotle once said “Now (1) parents know their offspring better than…show more content…
a tooth or hair or anything else to him whose it is), but the producer does not belong to the product, or belongs in a less degree.” In other words he writes that because children are made by the parents that they are just a product or property, the equivalent to one’s tooth or hair. In order to degrade the humanity of children, he lowers their worth to that of a tooth or a hair.
The parents of Romeo and Juliet sympathise with this idea. Juliet’s parents try to marry her off in order financial and societal powers, he is after all royalty. Their intentions are initially well justified, they just want someone to provide and protect her in the future to come. However, she’s still only thirteen and even her father tells Paris to wait until Juliet is older. Juliet would gain from this marriage, but the
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