Example Of Argumentative Essay On Dontrell

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.Dontrell appeared to be in a very bad mood, he was not receptive to session, however answered some of the questions that was asked during the meet and greet session. Dontrell stated a lot, not in a good way, yelling screaming making threats, using profanity and fighting, everything, argues, throw things, and leave the house, not sure, 8. Dontrell stated, that he does not have a good relationship with his mom, however he would like it to be better. Dontrell stated that his mom does not trust him. Dontrell stated his grades is very poor. Dontrell stated he do not know. Dontrell did not answer this question. Dontrell stated treats him better and trust him. Dontrell stated, yes. Dontrell responded not comfortable. Dontrell responded no. Mom stated,
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