Example Of Behavior Modification

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The behavior that I will be choosing to modify is the increase in studying. This is a behavior that is extremely beneficial to me because I not only learn what I need to know, but I learn how manage time better and how to set my priorities better. Studying is something I need to modify because studying to me is something that is difficult to do, mainly because I feel it is like a chore more than anything else. My mindset on studying is my biggest issue and is the biggest reason studying is a behavior modification I need to increase. The most I want to study a day is at least two hours for at least two classes, so a total of four hours a day of studying. Most of the time when I study, I get sidetracked easily and end up using up time on something else rather than studying. The antecedent of this behavior may be the problem, because I am not putting myself in an environment where I can study the best or potentially learn the best. The consequence of that is that I end up not studying affectively enough for my classes and not doing as good as I would have liked to.…show more content…
When I start to find studying to be boring, I find or do something that is more entertaining to me and compromise time studying for time doing something fun. I put myself in an environment that lets myself do something I find interesting when I do get bored, and as a consequence I lose time in my overall studying time and my focus on the subject I am learning. My mindset starting off when I study a problem too because I see it as a chore and that makes me not want to do it. My mindset for studying is the key that leads to the consequences talked about
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