Example Of Biblical Worldview

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What is a worldview?

A worldview is a framework, so to speak, that provides a person with a set of beliefs that shape behavior. A worldview is the “set of glasses” by which one views the world and the issues that are a part of it. This “lens” provides the individual with a perspective that will think critically on societal, cultural, or moral issues from that specific worldview’s vantage point.

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What is a Biblical Worldview?

A Biblical worldview is a worldview based upon the evident truths outlined in the Bible. It begins with the eminent truth that God is the Creator. God was, is, and always will be. He is the utmost, sovereign King, and He reigns above all. Through this, though, there is a timeline that helps to outline and justify a biblical worldview. These three keywords are: Creation, Fall, and Redemption. In a biblical worldview, Creation is done only through God. This six day process is outlined in Genesis and shows how the skies and the seas and the birds and the animals came to be. The most significant is the creation of mankind. Breath was breathed into Adam and all men are created, therefore, in God’s very image. This instills the intrinsic value by which Christians stand by. As time goes by, man fails to live in accordance to the Creator’s perfect paradise. The fall occurs when Eve, Adam’s

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