Example Of Business Assistance Program Courses

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firms and the MBDA to ensure that the plans are being developed, expanded, and revised at the highest level. We understand the need for contractors to develop sound business and financial management practices and have developed numerous Contractor Colleges, and other seminars and training sessions to accommodate those needs. The Sessions created by LSC normally include a variety of instruction classes on various topics, e.g., Estimating, Marketing, Joint Ventures, Bonding and Financial Management. Through our consultative services, firms will learn supportive steps that are critical to starting, operating or expanding a successful business. They will be provided with a business/financial planning guide in addition to specific resources…show more content…
In addition, we will work within the State 's framework to direct and assist firms in understanding bid requirements and providing bid preparation assistance. 2. Bonding: Pre-qualification is the basic function of contract surety bonding, which provides assurance that the contractor runs a well-managed, sound enterprise, maintains fair business practices and performs his/her obligations as agreed. In order to facilitate the process for firms seeking bonds and loans, the LSC/BREE TEAM recognizes that the Disadvantaged Business Community must first understand what bonding is, and what they must do in order to be considered for surety and loans. Accordingly, this particular course focuses on specific bonding requirements. 3. Business Development: Review the importance of Business Development to company profitability and long term growth. The roles and responsibilities of the Business Development function are highlighted with an emphasis on marketing and sales activities relevant to certified firms. 4. Business Networking: Understanding how the surety community works, and develop the best methods of engaging them, not just for bonding purposes, but to develop positive and lasting relationships. 5. Cost-Estimating: Understanding the basics of reclamation bond cost estimating that covers regulatory
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