Example Of Career Autobiography

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Career Autobiography
Throughout life, people are influenced by others when it comes to career paths. For example, career paths can be directed by our backgrounds such as family and culture. The career path I chose has been influenced by family and those who support me and encourage me during school. The career path, I have chosen is to work with women survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I will discuss how self-assessments helped me gain an understanding, which careers might be worth pursuing because of my interests.
I have always been encouraged by my family to volunteer to gain an understanding that experience is valuable, even if the work is unpaid. While volunteering, it allowed me to see if I could handle dealing with trauma victims in hospital settings. I chose the major of psychology because I always wanted to become a therapist and help those in difficult life situations. I knew that my family wanted me to feel rewarded and satisfied with the career I choose and to not focus mainly on salary. My family always thought it was important to get a college education and a good career. They did not attend school themselves and know the struggles of finding a job without the qualifications and education. The cultural influences that impacted my decision was that my family can understand my career path. My family looks at counselors as important people in society and as a career worth pursuing. Both of my parents are from Poland and did not attend school in the
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