Example Of Child Observation

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For my final project, I conducted my observation on an eight month old little boy named Noah. I observed how well he could perform tasks at his age of eight months. I performed my evaluation in the late afternoon at his home. The duration of the evaluation took place in the family room. It was a large room that was fully carpeted. The room had a large “L” shaped sectional couch in one corner and a round solid wooden coffee table directly in front of that. I obtained his parents’ consent before conducting my experiment and collecting my data for this section of the final project. To determine if Noah could perform tasks appropriate for his age group, I had him do a couple different skills, without prompting hardly at all, that were appropriate for his age group. At the age of eight months, Noah is able to sit up and crawl. He…show more content…
The test here was to really see if he would bang it against something. Noah waved the spoon around but was quickly bored of it and did not bang it on anything. He showed no signs of hand preference. He moved toys freely between both hands and didn’t reach for toys with any specific hand when handed something.
I wanted to see if Noah had interest in finding a toy under a cup. His mother and I prompted him, but he seemed much more interested in the cup than the toy. He only sometimes revealed the toy and did not seem to grasp the “game” we were playing. I decided to try a task from seven months since Noah didn’t seem interested in the cup or the spoon.
To see whether Noah could pull a string to obtain an object, I got out a toy he seemed to gravitate to all afternoon. It was a toy with a string and colorful ribbon attached at the end. I tried to get him to play with the toy but he was not very interested and crawled over it. I did however notice him picking up the string, and saw him grasping it so this would be considered appropriate seven month old
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