Example Of Cognitive Dissonance Theory

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“Don’t be a person who does not represent the real you” this quote, I do not desire to be a police woman because I desire to be a musician or an entertainer, but I kept joining with a home trainer to train me to be a policewoman, control my weight and discover tricks to pass the test, than went to a musical school.
Saturday at 12.30 pm I went to Kamal, Bangkalan. It is time for me to train until Sunday at 12.30 pm. I joined a home school who trained us to prepare our physic, attitude, and psychology for police academy, IPDN, and Army. They were a married couple who taught me. The man has background for navy. My aunty suggested him for her son learned from them 3 years ago. So, my mother asked me to join with a tutor, but I rejected, I said “I can learn by myself using the internet, also the distance was so far away from home 2 hours long way by a minibus and the cost to register was so expensive but she said “just try, okay it will help you”. Then I answered, “I will opine about it”. In the end, I stated “yes”. I do not understand, I had many doubts actually at that time there was a conflict between what I believed and I did. 3 hypotheses Cognitive Dissonance Theory
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I searched, browsed using the internet more or less how important have tutored and join with a home trainer before the academy test. I found the most positive and negative opinions. Then I said to my mother about the negative, she explained later on, your brother and your cousin had experienced with the home trainer. They knew more how to answer the test and how to draw correctly. Their experience helped your preparation. If you did not believe me just asked your brother. I asked him later on, he explained the tutor could help me learn about physical and mental better than the internet. Then, I understood why this teacher or tutor could help me out to prepare before the test, and so I decide to join with this home
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