Example Of Consequential Ethical Theory

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The great divide in cognitive thinking is between is between theories which assist moral rights and wrongs in terms of consequences of doing certain actions and some which do not consider actions. Those which consider actions are consequentialist theories and those which do not are non-consequentialist theories. Consequential Ethical Theory (Teleological Perspective) It’s a general behavioral theory that aims to attain a set end or a consequence. This theory does not consider any right or wrong virtue, deed or moral its only aim is to achieve its goal. And all the things coming in the way of achieving that goal or purpose or end are considered as tool. The two most influential consequential theories present have been born out of the root…show more content…
The action however apparently is not intrinsic in nature but the consequence gives the maximum advantage to the poor people who are deprived of their basic needs. The needy do creates the maximum contentment for the maximum number of people. In Robin Hood’s place and time, comparatively there were more peasants taking advantage from Robin Hood’s actions than rich people suffering from it. Rule Utilitarianism: tells one to obey the rules that bring the maximum happiness to the greatest number of people. Rule utilitarianism maintains a behavioral code or rule which is good if the consequences of adopting the rules favorable to the greatest number of people. For Example: In court a person who gets his right of justice because of jurisdiction following their set and assigned rules and code in law book this will eventually leads to the advantage of maximum number of people as maximum number of people are satisfied because they are being provided with justice because of the court following the rules of law. Another example in distribution of food to the workers during lunch hour; they are supposed to make a queue in order to get the food they desire, assembled in the dishes in a row. If workers break the rule of being in a queue there will be a chaos and not everyone will be able to take the food as the lunch break is of limited time span. The act of following the queue rule will help all workers to get their desired food within the limited time
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