Example Of Cooperative Learning

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Cooperative learning is a very distinguished strategy in the educational world. Cooperative learning is used by teachers to help children develop positive social behaviors. With this strategy, children are able to work together so they can learn from one another. Although this strategy is all about the children, teachers must make cooperative learning experiences “structured to mirror society’s expectations and to encourage positive behavior outcomes for young children”. For example, if children are playing in the kitchen center, I would encourage them to pretend like they’re in a restaurant. Some children would be placing the orders and the others would be working at the restaurant. I feel like this specific example would teach the children that are being the “customers” to be patient and understanding with all employees. I also think that this example would give the children who are the “workers” a better understanding of what happens in a restaurant. When they’re “working” in the kitchen, they will be able to see how hard it is to work in the food industry. In turn, this would help them also become patient and understanding adults. In addition to developing positive social behaviors, this strategy also helps children build self-esteem and promotes the acceptance of others. When children work with other children, they will be able to connect and understand children are who different from them. Working with children who are different from them will allow them to better
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