Example Of Cybercrime

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Lately, we have been reading and hearing more attacks called “ransomware” towards company and institutions all around the world. Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to a computer or its data and demands money to release it. Why does this attack keep going on? Ransomware is just another platform for hackers to gain money, therefore the attack keeps on circulating all around the world. This is just an example of cybercrime. There are many other examples of cybercrime. What is cybercrime? The Financial Express describe cybercrime as any criminal act related to computers and networks which is called hacking, phishing, spamming or is used as a tool to commit an offence such as child pornography and hate crimes which is conducted through the Internet. Cybercrime is also defined as crimes committed on the internet using the computer as either a tool…show more content…
Cybercrime is moving at the most disturbing trend nowadays. The fear of cyber apocalypse is still abounding, while the potential extent of damage that cause by cybercrime is totally not bounded. Currently, “INTERPOL is uniquely positioned to fight against cybercrime on the global scale through research into emerging crime and they even try to develop innovative new policing tools.” However, the result is still the same. The government does play an important role in stopping this but the most prevention need to be done by the commercial entities that produce software and those with the ability to stop this crime. Cybercrime will leave a huge impact towards the society, name it a company, government or normal people, they will all feel the impact of cybercrime. Whether cybercrime will continue to increase in statistic ten years from now is unknowable in a sense, but if the internet is continue growing, this issue need to be solved so that the realities of cybercrime will be proportional to the real-world crimes, if not it should be
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