Example Of Diction In Frankenstein

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In this passage from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature recounts his earliest memories in a conversation with his creator, Victor Frankenstein. The author uses obscure diction and infantile imagery to convey the impression of the creature as a baby just learning about life and the world. In the first half of the passage, the author portrays the creature as a baby by creating a disoriented tone through the use of obscure diction and childlike imagery in order to express the creature’s bewilderment and lack of comprehension at the beginning of his life. The creature mentions how his earliest memories are “confused and indistinct”, that he remembers them with “considerable difficulty”, similar to how adults have a difficult time recounting…show more content…
The author’s word choice is still vague, indicating the creature is not yet completely aware of himself or his environment, however the creature is now able to identify, to a certain degree, aspects of his environment and make connections between those aspects and his sensations. For instance, the creature is able to associate the “several changes of day and night” and “the orb of night [that] had greatly lessened”, or in other words the waning phases of the moon, with the passage of time. He even notes that he “began to distinguish [his] sensations from each other” after so much time had passed. He also began to identify the “clear stream that supplied [him] with drink” as a quencher of his thirst, and “the trees that shaded [him] with their foliage” as shelter or protection from the “oppressive” heat that drained his energy. Likewise, a baby begins to identify its mother’s breast as a quencher of its thirst, or begins to make connections between nighttime and sleeping. The creature is learning about his life and his world as time goes on, just like babies learn more about their lives and their worlds as they grow older. He was even able to identify that “a pleasant sound … proceeded from the throats of little winged
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