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Chapter 4 Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations “This increase of power from the mere musket and the little cannon all the way to the hydrogen bomb in a single lifetime is indicative of the things that have happened to us. They indicate how far the advances of science have outraced our social consciousness, how much we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally and intellectually.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower Discussion We no longer have our eyes focused on what is happening beyond our borders, we now have an emerging problem with radicalized, naturalized Americans citizens who are composed of a variety of groups. The groups are defended and guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution’s first and fourth amendment rights to conduct lawful marches (unrestrained) and cannot be forced to subject themselves to seizure and search without a search warrant and probable cause. Many engage in peaceful marches, however, many have resorted to violent marches. Unfortunately, recent marches have been…show more content…
From a judiciary perspective, there has never been no specific designated cut off time in order to detain and hold a person. Because the arresting/interviewing officer must have all the time necessary at his disposal in order to conduct the brief yet thorough investigation. However, there are legal aspects that must be considered in order to hold a person indefinitely. U. S. citizens have basic rights under the law and protection for the innocent civilian is always a consideration that must cross the interviewers/interrogators mind. However, the treatment and handling of an illegal immigrant and terrorist crosses into Federal laws which require a completely different handling process. Illegal immigrants, cover a whole spectrum of legal status. This report will focus on another group that is influencing private and public policies in
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