Example Of Dystopian Fiction

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I have recently developed a fondness for dystopian novels, novels that deal with a futuristic society that is characterized by extreme hardships or evils. This more modern genre of science fiction often examines the extreme consequences of society should it make unwise decisions concerning heated topics. In example, the Hunger Games deals with a futuristic North America that is now ruled by an oppressive government. The novel calls into focus heavily debated concerns of society such as governmental power and the ability of citizens to challenge that power as well as ethical issues including violence, poverty etc. My appeal to this particular type of fiction stems from the complex issues that characters encounter combined with exciting storytelling that makes discussing these issues enjoyable.…show more content…
These novels are follow the Dystopian style, in that they deal with a bleak outlook on future society dealing with a complex issue. The Novel's plot centralizes around abortion rights. The United States has gone through a second civil war known as The Heartland War. The War was fought over a central issue, abortion rights. In order to satisfy both sides, an amendment was made to the constitution which states that a child's life may not be touched from the moment of conception until that child reaches the age of 12. However, from the age of 12 until the age of 18, the parents or guardians of the child may choose to have him or her retroactively aborted in a process where the child's life doesn't technically end. The process by which a child is both aborted and kept alive is known as "unwinding. " For the risk of spoiling the books I will keep my praises somewhat
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