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Research Essay Peer Review First, read through the document: 1. What is the central idea of the document? How do you know this? Is there a clear sense of the purpose or thesis throughout the paper? a. The central idea of the document is new methods put into place for doctor shopping involving opioid addiction. I know this because it states it in the thesis. Yes, the purpose/thesis is the new methods that are being put into place to prevent doctor shopping and addiction of opioids. 2. Is the document well supported? Do you notice a synthesis of source material? Is it clear that where the sources are from? a. The document is well supported. Yes, I notice a synthesis of sources. It is clear where the sources came from. 3. Look at the visual…show more content…
The thing that would make this essay more informative is explaining the in-text citations a little more. Sometimes you jump right into a source without introducing it first, that can get a little confusing as a reader. There were also a couple times that you ended the in-text citation, without explaining it. So, introducing and ending in text citations would make the essay more informative. There were times that I was confused because it went from talking about one source at the end of a paragraph to another source at the beginning of the next paragraph. 2. What would make this essay seem more academically credible? a. Something that would make this essay more academically credible would be using more than four sources. You have six sources listed on the works cited page, but in the essay, I only noticed that four of them were used. I would recommend if you do not use a source in the paper, taking it off the works cited page. I did not see the first source “Arlotta” referenced in the paper. It seems like you really only used the Center for Disease and Control, “Geebhart” and “Sansone.” 3. What is the best feature of this document? a. The best feature about the essay is the amount of statistics about doctor shopping involving opioid abuse is
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