Example Of False Arguments

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False accusations were lodged against me by my employer, Cheri Collins of American Bail Bonds during November 2015. I was told that my cash was short by $1600 and was informed that my failure to reimburse Cheri Collins would result in her obtaining warrants for my arrest. It was further explained to me by Cheri that her word was all that was required to initiate said charges and she posed the question; “Who do you think they will believe, me or you?”
It was not unheard of for my cash to be short on occasion as I did not always thoroughly count cash presented to me while in the jail, especially when multiple clients were present and waiting to have their person bailed out. There were times when I had over $30,000 on my person and I did not advertise it. However, if my money was short, I always paid the difference out of my pocket. I have never stolen anything from anybody and I did not steal any money from Cheri Collins, David Collins or American
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The caller did not leave me a voice mail so I called the number back during lunch and it went to the desk of Sharon Watts, Investigator with the Statesville Police Department. I did not leave a message but was perplexed as to the reason for her call. Investigator Watts did not attempt to contact me again as far as I am aware.
In June of 2016, I went to the Statesville Police Department and spoke to Chief Barone and explained my concerns about the lack of investigation and the resulting charges and asked him if he could look into it. He said that he would
After waiting a significant amount of time, and not having heard anything from Chief Barone, I returned again to the Statesville Police Department and spoke to Investigation’s Captain D. B. Johnson. I explained the circumstances of my arrest to him and asked him if he could look at the matter further, as I had asked Chief Barone. He also said that he
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