Example Of Heroism In Beowulf

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Heroism has been a part of the human experience ever since the beginning of time. The good has always been celebrated, glorified, venerated; the bad cast out, shamed, and feared. A hero essentially embodies bravery, strength, resilience, passion, and a drive to do good and fight evil. Heroes can be seen all around us, both in real life and in literature. In the classic epic poem Beowulf, the main protagonist, Beowulf, personifies all of these heroic characteristics which he demonstrates throughout the story. By volunteering to defeat the monster Grendel, and with no weapons, to save the Danish kingdom, successfully killing both Grendel and his mother, and dying a glorious death after slaying the dragon, Beowulf clearly earns the title of the first English-language epic hero. While Beowulf certainly fits perfectly into the traditional definition of a hero, my personal interpretation is a bit different. To me, a “hero” is someone who stands up, believes in, or fights for good, a good cause, or with good intentions, all while exhibiting courage, perseverance, and strength.
This way of thinking can be applied to many different real life people, but to me, Pharrell Williams is a prime example of a modern, but not-so-obvious hero. Aside from being a world-renowned R&B Grammy award winning singer and producer, Pharrell is involved in many great causes and charities. He started his own non-profit organization called FOHTA (From One Hand To Another) that donates money and supplies
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