Example Of Justifying A Value

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1.) The first example of justifying a value is when getting my car detailed. I am looking at market value, fair value and the utility factor for the services. This service satisfies the need and desire for a clean car to take clients out with, after it was dirtied by a tough winter. I compared prices for similar car detailing services, and asked around for referrals from several people. Of the two companies, one was recommended strongly. I saw examples of each work and agreed with the highly recommended company. In my opinion, the cost at the time was fair value and, compared to other detailers, was market value. The prices were advertised for a year without any price increase. The second example of justifying a value is when purchasing products from Starbucks Coffee. There is a slight influence upon me through the desire of my teenage daughter wanting to visit the coffee shop. With my effective purchasing power, and both our desire of a drink/coffee/treat once and a while, we will go to Starbucks. It is true that Starbucks is a Going Concern, and their prices are fair value compared to Timothies and Tim Hortons. I have joined their rewards program, which enables me to occasionally receive free or discounted drinks, as well as free refills. Starbucks, with the loyalty program, is an investment value to me.

2) In the City of Mississauga, lane use control in the area of Clarkson and Lorne Park have stemmed from Mississauga’s master plan. Zoning through the use…
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