Example Of Low Context Communication

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Concept Definition Example in film Low-context communication Based on how intention or meaning is expressed through explicit verbal messages. It refers to communication patterns of direct verbal style and matter-of-fact tone and emphasizes verbal transparency, assertiveness, and sender-oriented values. The Portokalos use low-context communication frequently. Perhaps the best example of this is the first words Gus says to Toula in the film: “You better get married soon. You’re starting to look…old!” He does not waste words. Physical appearance A form of nonverbal communication that includes body height, weight, hair, skin color, clothing, and artifacts. When Toula is first shown in the film, she is wearing drab, unattractive clothes. When she starts to come out of her shell, by going to college and dating Ian, she undergoes a makeover that involves her wearing makeup, contacts instead of eyeglasses, and more appealing clothes. This communicates her new approach to life. Interdependent self-construal Involves an emphasis on the importance of fitting in with relevant others and ingroup connectedness. Toula shows she has this self-construal as she is extremely concerned with how her actions will affect her family. Even as she starts to become more independent, like when she gets engaged to Ian, she still worries about how she is impacting her father. At one point, she even asks her mother if her relationship with Ian is “killing” her father. Prejudice A prejudgment or a
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