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Five Ways to Char Down Your Hamburger Costs

Budget-minded shoppers are always looking for creative ways to save on meals. Here are five ways to save on hamburger next time you are at the grocery store.

1. Buy meat that is on sale and have it ground by the butcher.

Most grocers will mark meat down when it nears its expiry. The meat is still perfectly safe and flavorful, but the stores are not allowed to sell it after they have had it for a certain number of days. Buying this discounted meat can not only save you money on your bill, but can give you a different taste for your burgers or other hamburger related dishes. If you find a good deal on sirloin or a chuck roast, for example, get a couple packages for the freezer and then have the butcher grind a couple more into burger for you. They do it free of charge, and you don't have to wonder how long the mince has been sitting around.
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Ask them to mark the price down.

Believe it or not, haggling is not just a skill for the souk or casbah, it is a valuable tool in the supermarket meat section as well. Stores need to sell their products, and the competition in the food market is fierce. Happy, repeat customers are valuable. Be nice to the butcher and meat/seafood personnel and they will often repay you with good deals and discounts, but you have to ask. The best deals are normally found on meat that is already marked down and nearing expiry. Simply ask them if they can take another 10 to 20 percent off. You'll be surprised at the discounts you can obtain.

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