Example Of My Greatest Achievement

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Some of the greatest successes I have experienced during my school year were being in Honor Society, being awarded a 4.0 G.P.A medal and being awarded the Spirit of Chelan certificate. Ever since I was in elementary school I strived to be a good student. My father was my main motivator I wanted him to feel proud of me. After my father passed away I made him a promise to always give my best and get straight A's. When I was awarded a 4.0 medal I felt the happiest girl alive. Not because I had gotten good grades , but because I was keeping my dad the promise I made him . I still mark this as the greatest success in my life. The second greatest achievement was being part of Honor Society. Through Honor Society I was able to bond with my community and meet various people. I was able to help in the Chelan Valley Hope and provide food and resources to low income families. Lastly, being nominated and awarded for the Spirit of Chelan award. Spirit of Chelan award is awarded to a person who shows outstanding leadership. Someone who represents the Chelan Valley responsibly and respectfully. This meant a lot to me because I felt like I was contributing to my community in a positive way. I felt proud that all my hard work was all worth it. Some of the struggles I experience is being able to manage my homework with helping my family financially. Currently I struggle with managing my time efficiently. After college I go and babysit 4 kids until 10 pm. I find myself often doing my
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