Example Of Narrative Report

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PER REPORTER: The children are in CPS custody. They are being abused. Per reporter, CPS won't give out any information about the children and their location. Reporter believes the foster parents are abusing the children because that's who take care of them. The children come for a visit every Tuesday. Last time, they had bites all over them. It's some type of bug bites. They said the children were taken to the hospital. This time, Bailey's left eye was swollen and red. It looked like someone hit her in the eye. They said Bailey was bit by a bull gnat. Reporter has a picture of it. This was seen on Wednesday, July 5th. They said the child was taken to see a nurse practitioner. Reporter stated he is not buying that and has a feeling that something is going on with the children.…show more content…
The children were last seen on July 5th. They will come for a weekend visit this upcoming weekend. Reporter is concerned about the children being smelly and dirty. They have a odor like they're not bathing. Their clothes and shoes are ridiculous. Their white shoes are turning black. They need to be washed; they are dirty and not clean. The children's hair is falling out because it's not combed. Reporter stated the children live with a white couple and he guess they don't know how to comb black people hair. Reporter has no way of contacting the foster parents about the concerns. They can't contact the children unless they are visiting. About two weeks ago, the mother was hit by a car. They have been in custody since May 2017. The children don't need medical attention the reporter is aware
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