Example Of Narrative Report In Social Work

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At approximately 1400hrs on Wednesday, March 16,2016 I arrived at 7810 Shaver Rd for my internship with the Portage Department of Public Safety. I entered the station and put on my vest for my ride along. I then proceeded to the sergeant's office where I received the name of the officer I would be riding with for the day. I was scheduled to ride with Officer Vanportfleet for the day. Vanportfleet was on a call at the time so I went with Officer Dmoch. The First thing that we did was go to a neighborhood watch meeting for millim meadows. Jason was the owner and he talked about how they would be implementing the Silent Observer Program for the residents to help deter crime in the neighborhood. He also talked about the new security cameras that they would be installing…show more content…
At approximately 1400hrs on Friday, March 18,2016 I arrived at 7810 Shaver Rd for my internship with the Portage Department of Public Safety. When I arrived I went and put on my vest and then met with Officer.Burck who was just finishing up his lunch at 1409 hrs we left the station and then headed over to 10114 harris rd to a 911 call hang up with no answer to a call back by dispatch we knew a 82 year old male was living there with his son so we went to make sure everything was ok. We arrived at 1428 hrs and or knocked on the door no one answered the door so we got a hold of the son and he gave us the the password to the garage door the officers went in and then came out and said everything was ok he just misdialed. We left and then responded to a full arrest at 1446 hrs. Which is someone who has stopped breathing fully The paramedics on scene couldn't bring him back so they pronounced him dead. The death investigation would take awhile so a sergeant came and picked me up and took me to Officer Houser. While with him we rode around his district and did traffic until around 1710 hrs and then he brought me back to the station and then I left the station around 1720
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