Example Of Parenting Style Analysis Essay

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I will be comparing four scholarly articles and the outcomes of each. After this I will critique each article and determine the procedures they should have done differently that would have enhanced the results.
1) Parenting styles, parenting practices, and physical activity in 10- to 11-year olds
A cross-sectional survey was conducted where seven hundred ninety two, 10 to 11 year old UK children in Bristol UK was conducted. An accelerometer tool was used to assess physical activity and mean minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and mean counts per a minute (CPM). Parenting practices were self-reported.
2) Is parenting style related to children's healthy eating and physical activity in Latino families?

This source will explain the different parenting styles and how it is related to children’s eating habits including how it is correlated to their physical activity levels. Parenting styles influence a child’s risk for obesity. The goals of this study are to evaluate the influence of (i) parenting style on children’s health behaviors (physical activity and dietary intake), (ii) children’s socio-demographic characteristics on parenting style and on children’s health behaviors and (iii) parents’ socio-demographic characteristics on their use of controlling styles to
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Also the child must have one parent or guardian, each of which was recruited by flyers posted in local community databases of potential participants. Each of the subjects came to a Physiology Laboratory at Kent State University for three separate laboratory visits, one playing alone, another with the parent watching, and the final one with parent involvement. Both parent and child received a $10 gift card for a local store for each visit/participation
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