Example Of Perception Research Paper

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Your perception is how you see things, and basically what you think about them when you see them. For example, two people might see the same thing visually like for an example two individuals see an older man with a beard and ragged clothes on the street with a sign asking for money. Person one might perceive him as a lazy human being, and think he needs to get a job. And the other individual, on the other hand, might perceive him to be a guy who, through no fault of his own, needs help, and still deserves respect. Our perceptions are shaped by our upbringing mostly, and by what we are taught by others. Racism is another example of perception. It's all about what your "opinion" is when you see something. Everyone at least once in their life has judged or even stereotyped someone just by taking one look at their…show more content…
I remember watching that show when I was younger and would always perceive a “geek” to look like that. But that’s what movies and television shows do, they are known for stereotyping and with that other who aren’t taught will also perceive and believe these stereotypes that these Hollywood films are showing. Perception and stereotypes is a massive problem that a lot of individuals of color are facing in a negative way. Both my parents being Hispanic they have had their experiences with stereotypes coming in their way that being people assuming that they cannot speak English and when they do speak English they get backhanded compliments saying that they were surprised that they speak “good English’. That’s an example of what microaggression is, verbal, nonverbal, or insults whether they were intentional or unintentional. Being half Colombian from my mother’s side I have heard so many stereotypes about how Colombians are drug dealers. Everyone knows who Pablo Escobar is. However, what he isn’t is a fair representation of all Colombians. Not everyone in Colombia is a coke trafficker or drug lord. Also, shocking fact, coke is not even legal in
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