Example Of Persuasive Speech What City To Crusade

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Hello again council. I am Cyril from Syria, representing the Jacobites. In the last two debates, we have elected to Crusade and we have elected King Louis XII. This leaves us with a decision. The decision of what city to crusade. I call all of you today to vote to avenge the loss of Edessa. Edessa was taken by Zenghi in 1144. Gabriel, who is in this war council, was forced to leave Edessa when Zenghi took the city. He is struggling to support his family here. He and his family are living in a refugee community here in Acre.
Edessa is a Holy Land to us and Zenghi took it from us. The holy lands were where some of the events from the old and new testaments of the Bible took place. The leaders of the First Crusade founded them, the reason for
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