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My elder daughter would be an official tween in a couple of months from now. These are interesting times for her, but confusing and scary too. Being a mother, this is what I want to tell her. #9 Work hard to earn praise We all want others to think highly of us. Even we adults crave for it, so if a kid like you wants the same, that’s perfectly natural. However, if you become so obsessed with the idea that you keep talking highly of yourself all the time, that’s not acceptable. Because it amounts to boasting. You should aim for earning praise rather than boasting. It’s really simple to be praised – excel in whatever you do, and others are bound to praise you. And when I say excel, I mean it in a non-competitive way. Put your best foot forward and that is good enough for…show more content…
I will repeat. Even if it’s at the cost of being boring. You are always encouraged to be competitive, be it sports, academics, hobby or something else. But, like too much of ice cream in the mouth will give you a sensation of heat rather than cold, too much of competition will do you more harm than good. Competition robs you of the joy of the moment, be it reading, writing, playing games, art, or your favorite activity. So just slow down, calm down, and revel in whatever you are doing. When you start enjoying, you will also start doing it much better. Put your desire to win on hold and focus on excelling. The desired results will follow automatically. #2 Be honest to yourself Since you were a kid, aged 3 years or so, I have repeatedly told you not to lie, to be honest. Today I want to dwell a bit longer on this, because honesty is what will take you far ahead in your life. Build your character and make you a good human being. Whatever you do, you should be honest to yourself. Whenever you have doubts about anything, close your eyes and ask yourself, should I do this? Would I want this to happen to
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