Example Of Racial Discrimination

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Although these reasons have some legitimacy, other issues stated such as unfamiliarity with blacks, disdain for black culture, fear of black people, especially men, and the perception that most blacks do not take care of their properties, feed directly into racial stereotypes based upon negative media depictions, and long lasting narratives about the social conditions of blacks.
Many examples are given from reports by The City of Detroit Commission on Community Relations which came out of the City of Detroit Mayor's Interracial Committee (Sugrue 30). The Interracial Committee was started by Mayor Edward Jeffries, who was no friend of the black community who also supported the segregation policies of neighborhood organizations, in 1943 as a result of the Detroit race riot of June, 1943 (Sugrue 30, 69, 80-81). Documented in a report from the Commission on Community Relations was an incident where a house was set on fire on 17th street, and a porch was pulled from a house on Vermont Avenue, on the Lower Westside, because blacks had tried to integrate the neighborhoods (Sugrue 240). Reflecting on how I lived a block away on 16th street, and only a couple blocks away from Vermont was chilling, as only a few years after these incidents occurred, my family moved in this same neighborhood. Incidents such as the above example reflect the reticence and sometimes outright fight against blacks integrating white predominately neighborhoods.
Legal challenges to restrictive covenants
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