Example Of Rhetorical Analysis In Advertising

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The deconstruction goals are to identify the audience which is the group of consumers this ad is speaking to as well as anyone else. Branding is the image of the product rather than the actual quality. Narrative is how the story is told. Construction is how the ad is telling the story and keeping the audience engaged and interested. Deconstruction is the process in which the audience with elements making up the meaning of the text. Stereotypes are labels placed on groups or individuals which are instantly recognized. Pathos technique is the use of emotions to evoke an emotional response. “We wait. We hope . We pray. “ Are all emotions a vast majority of the population can identify with. Ethos technique is the use of a credible, reliable…show more content…
The beginning of the commercial starts with family activities that provide a sense of belonging to a community while Oprah is stating you are missed. One quarter through the commercial it identifies who will be missed by showing a photo of a person in a military uniform. Then the emotional appeal kicks in with the narration of you have been missed , cried for and prayed for. It shows a child’s hand batting flags to persuade the viewer with a sense of patriotism. Now, half way into the commercial you are shown the product Jeep. The ad then shows families reuniting at aiports with Jeep present, driving home in a Jeep with Welcom Home Signs then arriving home closing a Jeep door. Then states “proud to support our troop”and the next line is the best of what we are made of of with the logo Jeep and USO. This video appeals to your sense of belonging to a family, community and country. While pulling at the emotional appeals of belonging, Oprah is tugging at your sense of country, patriotism and pride. The video does not tell you about how Jeep is made what are the components of Jeep or how much a Jeep cost. The ad uses persuasive techniques however fail to tell you about the product . A potential buyer of Jeep may be swayed by sense of patriotism. But ultimately there are no specific details of the product and will not entice someone to
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