Example Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social Entrepreneurship has been in our economy since historic times. They may not have been recognized properly with that term, social entrepreneurship, but what some other people from historical times had done can be considered as an action that pursue to solve social problems. Social Entrepreneurship had already been defined in several books, however, in the book, Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know, social entrepreneurship had not only been defined but had also discussed the very origin of not just the term itself but as well as the actions that some people from historical times had done that can now be seen as a model or example of social entrepreneurship.

The term social entrepreneurship is defined as an effort or even a process that help solve different social
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Social entrepreneurs may have been the visionaries, philanthropist, humanitarians, reformers or even those who were called saints by the people in the past. In the book, it even mentioned some famous people who can be called social entrepreneurs like Mahatma Gandhi, who was known for nonviolent resistance but can now be known as a social entrepreneur as well for building a decentralized political apparatus that allow India to make a successful transition to self-rule. Another example is Florence Nightingale. Although Florence Nightingale is now a known example of a social entrepreneur, she was first known as just someone who ministered to wounded soldiers, then later recognized as a social entrepreneur who build the first professional school for nurses and as the person who revolutionized the construction of hospitals. These are just some of famous people but there may have been more people from the past who may not have been famous but can also be called a social entrepreneur for creating a solution in a social problem, even if they are
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