Example Of Social Media Marketing

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I am very fond of a local business called the Bubble Bistro. This young lady’s business is tailored towards body care; she sells all natural products which she hand makes. She specializes in soaps, body oil, and body scrubs. I love the products so much that I frequent the business quite often throughout the month. She is advertised locally mainly by word of mouth but she has a huge presence on social media via Facebook and Instagram. The owner is very forth coming and this business is credited a great deal with her current customer base including me. She knows her customers and I often find myself advertising her business to anyone I know for them to check her out. She is a small business owner but she does run sales from time to time,…show more content…
(2015). Foundations of Social Media Marketing. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Ltd.

I think group deals are very effective for one it helps the consumer save money depending on what is being advertised. Everyone has different taste and different needs when it comes to purchasing power especially with social media being in the rise and influencing the way we make purchase products. According to (Tuten and Solomon), “social media open exciting new windows for marketing research. Whether to collect insights for the discovery stage of the creative process or to gather ideas for new product development, social media provide new tools to listen to customers as they discuss their lives, interests, needs, and wants”. I am a huge shopper on Groupon and I like that I can save money on most name brand products I am interested in and searching for. I often wondered how are deal sights able to utilize so many products to advertise and sell at a good price. I realize that after so long so many companies begin to drop prices and if it does not sell like in most discounted stores they send the product to deal sights. The biggest investment for a marketer in my opinion is to find out what is popular, what is the consumer wanting to purchase, and what is the hottest product to market. I think the biggest job for any company is figure out what the people want, I mean take cell phones, we all know that right now it Apple and Samsung, we all know that everyone have different
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