Example Of Sociological Memoir

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Sociological Memoir Growing up may not always be easy but you learn a lot about yourself through the journey. In my first year of elementary school, one of my friends was getting bullied by a boy. He would push her down after recess and make her feel really bad about herself. It got to the point where he would do it every single day and I got sick of it. I had to step in and stand up for her, so I ended up yelling at him for being mean to her. I never gave up for her. He was surprised that I stood up for her because no one else did. I never realized why he was being mean to her until I got older because he was white and she was black. He was being mean to her because of her race and gender. (November 13).

Even though that was twelve years ago, there still is gender inequality regarding the gender pay gap. Women today are still not making as much as men. Today, on average a woman earns 78 cents per dollar earned by a man. (O’Brien, 2015).

I grew up in a middle class family where both of my parents worked everyday of the week. My parents taught me to always be grateful for what I have and for the opportunities that I receive. When I was in high school, I tried out for the Districts in Band on my clarinet. I would practice everyday for two hours for five months in order to be prepared. There was so much build up before the audition that I was nervous and wanted to give up. Since my parents were paying for private lessons with my
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