Example Of Sprite Consumerism

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Ever since NBA basketball superstar, LeBron James began endorsing Sprite in 2003, the company's sales have been skyrocketing. This is an example of consumerism. A company (Sprite) is using a favorable public figure in order to get their product more attention. Many companies use public figures to persuade you in buying their product, whether it’s by the celebrities appearing on commercials, or even by convincing the consumer that they could save money by buying the product
Numerous companies pay celebrities to appear on television. As stated in the text Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century “Currently, 99 percent of U.S households own a TV”, which is good for companies who use celebrities to bring attention to their product with commercials because the more people that own a television the more people that are likely to see the commercial and want to buy their product. Such as in the example I gave you with LeBron James. His commercial with rapper Lil Yachty was viewed by millions which caused Sprites sales count to go up, because more people thought that since a celebrity they like enjoyed Sprite maybe they would to. I polled friends and family and for that about 25% of them began drinking Sprite after seeing the commercial, 45% of the already drank sprite and 30% had never drank
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You've probably seen it very often. Whether it was on televisions, Instagram, YouTube, pretty much any social media platform. You may see it on Instagram. Maybe you were watching a video of someone riding a hoverboard and out of nowhere you hear them say something like "get 15% off for a hoverboard if you use my code in the description below."Or maybe even on YouTube, you could be watching a regular video and at the end the person tell you that you can buy their exact outfit online for only 29.99$ if you use the link they have provided for
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