Example Of Syntactical Ambiguity

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4. CLARITY. In order for our writing to be clear there are some common discursive elements that the user must avoid. Some of those elements have relevance in writing but they would only confuse the reader in smaller work. As the Style Guide for The Economist states: “Clarity of writing usually follows clarity of thought”. Clarity conveys readers comprehending our message effortlessly; writing properly involves successful communication.

*The horse raced past the barn fell.
✓The horse which was raced past the barn fell. (Pinker, 2014) *As linguist Geoffrey Pullum has noted, sometimes the passive voice is necessary. (Pinker, 2014)
✓As the linguist Geoffrey Pullum has noted, sometimes the passive voice is necessary. (Pinker,
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An implement with a handle and solid surface, typically of wood, used for hitting the ball in game such as cricket, baseball and table tennis. (Oxford Dictionary)
2. A nocturnal capable of sustained flight. (Oxford Dictionary) Best choice: John has a bat to play baseball.

4.3.2 SYNTACTICAL The syntactical ambiguity is when words can be interconnected into more than one tree. It must be avoid as much as possible. Example: The French teacher speaks very fast
We find two interpretations:
1. The teacher that teaches French
2. The teacher from France
Best choice: The teacher that teach French speaks very fast  Does the text contain any ambiguity? If it does, substitute it with another word or phrase.

4.4 HEDGING The heading is usually used by the writer, in order to distance their opinion from the text and avoid responsibility for mistake. Words such as: almost, apparently, comparatively, fairly, in part, nearly, partially, predominantly, presumably, rather, relatively, seemingly, so to speak, somewhat, sort of, to a certain degree, to some extent, and the ubiquitous I would argue (Pinker, 2014) are considered as if the author is hiding their true intention and it shows the author´s lack of
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