Example Of The Rood Approach

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5. Rood approach

Rood approach was first introduced by Margaret Rood in the 1950’s which become center of origins for many facilitation techniques used in this century. This approach came from the reflex of motor control, also it builds up an arrangement of helpful activities to enhance cutaneous incitement for patients who have neuromuscular dysfunctions adjacent to proprioceptive manoeuvers like situating, joint pressure, joint distraction and the general utilization of reflexes, extend, and protection. The best accentuation is given on interceptive applications, for example, tapping, stroking, brushing, icing, warmth, weight, and vibration to fulfill ideal solid activity.
Firstly, the little amount force to apply more than ligament or muscle
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Task-oriented approach

Task-oriented approach is often suggested as a preferred neurorehabilitation intervention to enhance the work by polishing motor behavior. This approach is based on system model of motor behavior and environment factors on motor performance. Task oriented approach patients is mainly having neurological conditions like a cerebral vascular accident and traumatic brain injury which result to shifts in multiple body function such as mental, sensory, and neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related functions.
Task-oriented approach uses a top-down, client-centered, and occupation-focused approach to evaluation and treatment. The evaluation process starts with the decision of role performance and occupational performance. Then the therapist detects the patient performing challenging and meaningful tasks, and determines the patterns that can be stable.
The therapist identifies the crucial person factors that intrude with task performance which known as control parameters, control parameters are personal or environmental variables that are reflection to constrain movement into desirable patterns and have the potential to shift behavior to a new pattern. For example, therapists observe client and identify the following control parameters such as amount of trunk support, level of attention to tasks, amount of energy, and incorporation of right hand, all of control parameters referred to assessment
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