Example Of The Values And Values Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Question 1
A) Yes I agree that these are examples of personal mission statements
In the first source Mahatma Gandhi states his values and goals by which he adheres to daily! It helps him PRIORITISE and plan his daily routine and motivates him to stay on the right path in life. Even when challenged in his daily life, his mission statement helps him stay focused on his goals, thus motivating him to succeed! Dr Stephen R Covey stated that “Gandhi worked within himself until he won the private victory and learned the philosophy of his life”. (Covey, 2008) This clearly emphasises the fact that his mission statement personal – he strove to make himself a better person in order to change the world around him
In the second source, Ben Franklin lists some words that are precise to the values he thinks that are the most important to
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He realised that he needed to change the minds of his fellow people in order to gain independence for India. He had no formal authority or positon but used his moral authority to achieve this. He lived by his mission statement “I shall not fear anyone on Earth, I shall fear only God” to reach out to the hearts of the 300 million people in India. He showed them hope and showed them that they too could rise up peacefully against oppression.

In the days leading to India gaining independence Gandhi could have easily assumed a leading role in taking a powerful role in government. He didn’t do that! Instead he wanted to unite his people and here we can see he lived by his philosophy “in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering” he endured the hardship of going on yet another hunger strike just to show his people that they now do not need to infight but stand together peacefully! Alas he failed this time round with India splitting into 2 over a religious divide, but he stayed true to his mission statement – he endured the suffering to his
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