Example Of Transformative Leadership

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Insights and concepts transformative leadership
People will willingly follow a leader who inspires them. To inspire followers leaders share values, ethics, standards and their long term goals. Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where one or more persons engage with others, to share their vision, raise motivation and morality which benefits the society or the organization.
Transformational leasers show their genuine concern for the needs and feelings of their followers which bring out the talents inside each individual motivating them to be innovative and creative. Apostles peter’s leadership style demonstrates his transformative leadership approach, which describes his role as a ethical steward who owes “covenantal duties” to those he serves.
Peter’s transformative leadership style accomplices with moral and ethical obligations and his insights and experiences can help a lot to modern leaders. it focuses on six leadership perspectives, charismatic, transformational, level five, covenantal, servant and principal centered leadership.
Charismatic leadership:
On being the head of the new Christian church, peters charismatic speeches earned many followers. He was thus able to connect to the audience lives, connect with them, resonate with them and shared the vision god and his path of righteousness.
One more example for modern leaders to learn charismatic leadership is - Martin Luther king’s charismatic ability to touch thousands of hearts and to motivate
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