Example Of Unethical Behavior

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Generally, when companies get bigger such that they serve customers around the globe, they are always in danger of being victims of unethical behaviors (Barsky, A. 2008). This is because their concern is making huge sums of profit forgetting that they ought to be responsible for the welfare of its employees and the world in general. Unethical behaviors in business simply start as a minor crime which seems to harmless to people, but later it grows into a major parody that can upset or harm many people. It is always advisable for a business to adopt a stringent ethics policy for it to have a good standing (Barsky, A. 2008).
Unethical behaviors take several forms, and many are times employees as well as the top officials may not be able to see it as unethical behavior simply because it does not affect anyone of them. Examples of these unethical behaviors in business include theft by the employees, chief executive officers and managers as well. Theft in an organization may appear minor but may lead to the downfall of a company. It may also be a demoralizing factor to the employees. Moreover, other unethical behavior may be releasing of pollutants into the air by companies, wages, and working conditions which don't comply with the labor laws (Barsky, A., 2008).
This paper aims at doing a thorough evaluation of a recent business case of unethical behavior which involved Wells Fargo Bank employees. This incidence or rather a scandal occurred in 2016. Wells Fargo & Company is an
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