Example of Braided Narrative

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Watch and Learn Everything was loud. The overstuffed bus of children was leaving the school parking lot for its normal route of sudden stops, unforgiving bumps, and of course, transporting students to their destinations. Opposite from every other child on the bus, I sit quietly in seat fourteen listening to the screaming laughter and shrill excitement of the conclusion of another school year. I sit there in silence because I knew that it would be my last bus ride home. I was trying to take everything in: the smell of the old brown bus seats, the half opened windows that tried to keep us cool, the pleasantly plump and incredibly sweet bus driver, and the jovial and rambunctious sounds of kids cackling and yelping. At every stop, I could…show more content…
I awkwardly made my way to the lunch line, and stood for what seemed like an eternity. Being the nervous and shy person that I am, I constantly thought that eyes were watching me. As I picked up my lunch tray, I heard a voice behind me say, “Hey you!” I eagerly turned around. I thought to myself that maybe it’s a new friend! I was so elated with the fact that finally, someone wanted to talk to me! As the lunch line proceeded, I was getting hammered with questions: “Where are you from? Why are you here? What is your name?” Feeling a little overwhelmed, I answered the boy quickly as I got my lunch food. As we both exited the line, I thought I had obtained a new friend. I soon found out that I was wrong. With a slanderous tone, the boy said, “Just to let you know, I’m going to make fun of you for the rest of the year.” Then he strutted off into his group of friends and walked away. With broken hope, I scanned the cafeteria for an empty seat. I found one at the end of a deserted table, sat quietly again, and pondered on what the boy had said to me, and then I watched. I wondered to myself, what would my father have done in a situation like this? My father was sort of a bully/rebel in school. I remember him telling stories of his childhood before he tucked me in at night. A couple stories that he told multiple times, probably to emphasize how wrong his actions were, are implanted in my mind forever. The first story is

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